Lauren Marttila

Lauren is what is known as a wash ashore.  A native of New York City, she moved to Nantucket almost a decade ago and hasn't looked back since. She credits her husband for putting a camera in her hands, her friends for encouraging her to put her work out there, and her family for being the first to hang her photos. 

Lauren is passionate about Nantucket and the Nantucket community.  She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club and is involved with other local non-profits, all of which contribute to making Nantucket the incredibly special place that it is.

"I get my Vitamin D through my work.  Each photograph has a "road trip-

hanging out of the truck-racing to catch the sunset-best wave of the day" story behind it.  

I'm attracted to scenes that reinforce the beauty and integrity in simplicity."