Welcome.  And thank you for finding me and my work. 

Standard beach gear, right?

Beach appropriate clothing: Milly & Grace

Photo: @theneoprenebanker

One question I am asked a lot is “what do you like to photograph?” I seek out simplicity and negative space so you can see yourself in the photos.

Second most frequent question: “what is your favorite time of the year to photograph?” September + October for the win! Why? We get amazing surf; sunsets at a time I can actually stay awake for; and sunrises that aren’t torturous to wake up for.

I get my Vitamin D through my work. For real. Winters on Nantucket require you get all that you can when the sun sets at 4:15 p.m. Most of the time my husband and I are literally racing to the beach to catch either the surf, sunset, or sunrise - so when you see my work - I hope you feel that breeze in your hair (and don't see any of mine in the image - ooph, nothing ruins a good photo faster than forgetting a hair tie).

More to come. Goodnight @ 8:22 p.m.